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Order-To-Cash Management System

Empower your business
in a Digitally Connected world

Set up new ways of working and get the benefits of saving time and money, improving efficiency and boosting your competitiveness.

What is CTO | Order-To-Cash Management System?

CTO Order-To-Cash Management System empowers your company to keep up to an increasingly digital economy through a system that makes it possible to have better customer experience and more sales


Connect and tell the world who you are

Let everyone know who you are, what you care about, what you do, how you help people. Tell the story of why you exist and (by default) why people should want to interact with you.


It’s high time to optimize

Streamline your process through our low-code environment platform that makes it easier to build, change and deploy complex processes and workflows to suit your specific requirements.


Grow without any hindrance

Set the stage to enable and support growth in your company with a team that is always available to help, leaving you with the peace of mind that there is always an expert to help you 24/7. Worry less and focus more on what you do best.


Make better business decision, leverage on the power of data for real-time visibility.

Online reports and digital dashboards can improve the quality and the speed of decision-making, right across your organisation. Make better and more informed decisions based on the insights from the shared information.

More reason to choose CTO | Business Operating System


Drive efficiency to your operations and reduce your cost by putting a solution that will cover the sales, marketing and operational aspect of the business in one place where the rest of the team can also collborate and accomplish different tasks seamlessly.

Highly Customisable

Keep up with the ever-changing needs of your bsuiness with our highly adaptive solutions that let you use real-time drag-and-drop page editor to define individual application pages and forms.

Integrated and Automated

Improve your team’s productivity while reducing wasted time due to manual processes and fragmented IT resources through automation with Apptus Solutions’ fully integrated Business OS.

Available 24/7

Keeping your systems working is crucial to your operations, that is why we offer 24/7 direct access to our support team that gives you peace of mind knowing that there will always be someone to assist you for any concerns.

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